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CBN Wheel for Wetstone Grinders

This Cubic Boron Nitride wheel has been designed by us for use with our sloyd jig, but it is bound to become an invaluable addition to your workshop for other sharpening tasks. This is the material of choice for industry when grinding hardened steel at high surface speeds, whilst it is not quite as hard as diamond it will far outlast it in this application as high speeds will degrade the diamonds due to the heat created. It should not be used for grinding soft metals like copper or aluminium,

This wheel will replace the stone on your 250mm / 10″ slow speed grinder. It can be run dry and at a higher speed something that is not possible with traditional stones or diamond wheels.

You may need an adaptor to fit your wheel depending on the machine you have, please watch this video for more information on these wheels and the adaptors, as these are a high value item and we want to make sure the fit is perfect we recommend you contact us before purchase and we can make sure the right adaptor is supplied, Adaptors if needed will cost in the region of £10

This wheel is very heavy and we are currently only offering it on the site to the UK, if you wish to purchase from overseas please contact us for a quote.

Three grits are available- as ever more information on the video, but the coarse is recommended if you have many blades to do, the medium will gave a slightly improved finish but still remove steel at an acceptable rate. The fine will give a good finish and whist is still cuts well it is not recommended for larger reshaping jobs. It is excellent for following on from a coarse wheel though. Ultimately though a hollow ground tool used for woodworking will not have any of the scratch pattern in the final edge, so the difference is largely aesthetic and bearing this in mind we would recommend the coarse in the majority of applications, again if in doubt ask us.