Shipping class: Honing Block

Burnisher – Rod

These burnishers are usually used for spoons but can be used on any carving to compress and smooth the wood. We have selected stones that are very hard 6.5- 7 on the Mohs scale, this makes them naturally scratch-resistant so its finely polished surface will be maintained and transferred to your carvings.

We have selected also selected where possible stones that we found beautiful- the chatoyancy of Tiger eye was reminiscent of oiled carvings so seemed highly appropriate. The Green Swirls of Kambaba jasper were equally appealing.

These are available in 2 sizes, the more common 110mm and  The Kamaba jasper at 125mm that we had made up to our specifications.


Honing Block

We have designed this block for use with our films: Diamond, Silicon Carbide and also the 3M Aluminium Oxide. These will peel leaving no residue (They will not work well with the current batch of PSA sandpapers that we sell, you should use our PTFE backed honing blocks for these papers). This plastic whilst tough is easily scratched, so it is best stored in a wrap or with sandpaper left on it to keep the surface pristine.


PTFE backed Honing pad

These honing pads have been designed to work with all our self-adhesive papers, ( our PSA films are slightly better on our standard honing blocks)  PTFE backed to ensure that even the more sticky varieties that we stock will peel cleanly every time. The 25mm thickness MDF means that although there is a weight penalty compared to previous pads we have stocked there is enough clearance to sharpen sloyd knives without having to stack them up.




Strop – Firm

This strop is the ‘softest’ in our range of hardened strops, and is roughly comparable to kangaroo hide, although it is fractionally harder than those we have tested. It is made from a chrome-tanned cow leather that has a slightly open grain. This means it holds polishing compounds very well. It has an excellent feel, or draw, and is the one we use with our white compound when hand-stropping all of our blades. Glued to birch plywood.

It is available in 2 forms- A hand-scraped version –  which has the grain opened up even further and is best suited for use with our polishing compounds. Secondly, a natural finish which can be used with no compound as an alternative to our X firm strop.


Strop X- Firm

This strop is in the middle of our range of hardened strops, and noticeably harder than kangaroo hide. It is made from veg tan cow leather. It has a good feel or draw, and is the one strop in our range that should be used without compound, the natural silicates in the leather will provide an exceptionally fine finish. Glued to birch plywood.