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Sharpening Kit

This kit has all the items used in my spoon knife sharpening video . It comprises of:

1 Block of Coarse grey sharpening compound

1 Block of Fine white sharpening compound

2 Sheets of 1,000 Grit wet or dry paper

2 Sheets of 2,500 Grit wet or dry paper

2 Small strips of suede.

1  Ash Dowel – these are available in different sizes to suit different blades, only one per kit,  all different sizes are shown for reference only.

All these items are available separately but if bought as a kit a saving of £3.00 is made.

Note- Dowel sizes- although matching the right size to the blade will give the best results you can use a smaller diameter dowel on a larger blade, but not vice versa, it simply won’t fit. It is possible to purchase extra dowels separately. The dowels vary in length between 200-330mm, I tend to use a lot of downwards pressure and found that smaller diameters flexed too much so shortened them accordingly.