Shipping class: Wrap around table

Wraparound adjustable table for ProEdge

This table has been designed to fit the Robert Sorby ProEdge. It allows for a wide range of stepped adjustment, the table tilts upwards as opposed to the standard table sold with the machine that tilts downwards. Please watch this video for more detailed instructions. Instructions on the angle setting will be provided.


The jigs that go with this are currently on sale but the accompanying videos and blanks for the jigs are not yet available-  but we are putting these up early for few reasons, firstly customers that have been on our courses or have seen this demoed have already had adequate training and we are happy to sell to them slightly early, secondly the demand for this is high- we have been getting regular emails enquiring when this will be ready, we have a few ready to sell and batch that is part ready, having an idea of sales will help us to get into a steady cycle of ordering from our suppliers and then processing and finishing the blanks before listing.