Self-adhesive polishing film

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Full sized sheets of polishing film in either 1 miicron or .0.5 micron, adhesive backed.

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We have managed to secure limited quantities of this film at a very competitive price, These Aluminum Oxide films are very similar to the 3M versions that are used in the scary sharp system. A polyester backing means these films are inherently quite rigid- they will not bend and stick to a dowel consistently. they are however excellent on our honing blocks for flat bevels.


Two grits are available- 1 micron  (Pink) which roughly equates to 14,000 grit, and i0.5 micron  (white) which equates to 60,000 grit- overkill really, but  being able to say that you finish your blades to 60k does have a certain cachet….




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1 micron, 0.5 micron

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