Flat tang knife jig wood

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Wooden body  89x 40 x 30mm.

Insert capacity. 1-3.2 x 16mm

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A jig for grinding bevels on flat-tanged blades. This can be used on a variety of grinders but has been tested extensively with our wraparound table.

This is a wooden-bodied jig with a plastic insert, which will flex to firmly grip a wide range of tangs from less than 1- 3.2mm it will grip tapered tangs as well.

The plastic insert is not resistant to heat so care must be taken not to overheat the blade it is gripping. In practice, if a blade has been heat treated then as long as you keep it below tempering temperatures (which you would be aiming to do) it is unlikely enough heat will be transferred down the tang of the blade to damage the plastic.

Always grind with a finger against the tang of the blade, when it is too hot to be comfortable cool the blade in water before continuing, this is most likely to be an issue if roughing bevels quickly on a blade.

Instruction sheet provided.


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Flat tang knife jig

Jig with extra insert, Standard jig

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