Knife- Customise your knife to fit your hand

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Customise your knife by choosing blade, handle, and sheath.

Scroll down for more information on the components.


Turning Sloyd blade – 60 x 10.5 x 2.2 mm

Chip Carver blade    – 25 x 14 x 1.2 mm

Cranked Chip blade – 20 x 13 x 1.2 mm


S – 115 x 28.5 x 20

M – 116 x 29 x 23

L  – 119 x 31 x 23.5

Mora 106 / 120  including steel ferule 109 x 29.5 x 24  – not for sale, for reference only.


80 x 20 for Turning Sloyd

45 x 25 for Chip / Cranked Chip

Turning Sloyd, Chip or Cranked Chip
1 × Turning sloyd

2 in stock

Three sizes available
Available in two different colour schemes


Components of your knife:

1. Blade – Three Available, Turning Sloyd, Chip or Cranked Chip

2. Handle– One style currently, a simple 12 sided locally sourced ash handle, but available in 3 sizes to fit your hand:

Small– This is  a relatively narrow handle, which means that the width at the blade is still be wide enough to keep your fingers away from the edge of the blade but still makes for a handle that is noticeably smaller in feel than the benchmark Mora106 / 120.

Medium– This feels very similar in the hand to a Mora in terms of size, but the 12 sides make for a better grip without the sharper corners that an octagonal handle would have.

Large – This feels larger than the benchmark Mora.

3. Sheath–   A milk painted wooden sheath, the blade being retained by a rolled leather insert, pick the size appropriate for the blade on your knife. Two colours in stock

Grey over Light Grey

Light Blue over Blue

Note:  This knife will be made from the selected components, subtle differences in all the components mean they are matched, fitted and assembled individually, as such it may take up to 7 days to complete your knife before it is ready to ship.

2 responses to “Knife- Customise your knife to fit your hand”

  1. Grant Lauer says:

    I’m interested in ordering a knife.
    Do you have the sheath for the turning sloyd?
    There are no options to select type/color of sheath.

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      Sorry about this, the response to these knives has taken us by surprise, we have a batch of grey sheathes that should be ready within a few days and will be listed after final checks are made over the weekend.

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