Plastic Dowel

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Three Sizes -sold singularly

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These plastic dowels have been sourced to work with our new self adhesive paper- they will not work so well with our premium self adhesive papers as their backing is less sticky and it will release over time. They also can not be used like wooden dowels as carriers for our polishing compounds.

13mm x 250mm- This is best used for my Roughing blade.
19mm x 330mm- This is best used for Fawcett and Finishing Blades.
30mm x 330mm- this is best used for my 50mm and 65mm Twca Cams.

Although the most suitable dowels for each blades are listed above you can use a smaller dowel for a blade, but not larger, it won’t fit.

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13mm x 250mm, 19mm x 330mm, 30mm x 330mm, 6mm x 200mm