PSA lapping film – Silicon Carbide

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PSA  Silicon Carbide film- sold individually  175 x195mm

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PSA (self-adhesive) lapping flims- I have been looking for a well priced, easy to peel film and these have surpassed my expectations. These silicon carbide films have a very long life far exceeding the more common aluminium oxide films that we have tested. They have revolutionized my sharpening, the quality of the cut is maintained for a long time. These films can be cleaned with soapy water or a rubber to prolong their life.  The grit range runs from 3 micron- 7,000 grit to 30 micron- 600grit I have found that a hair popping edge can be achieved with 3 micron- 7,000 grit and a gentle strop with our fine compound.

These films work very well with these honing blocks, and as such we have had the films made in a size so that each sheet will yield 3 strips. The adhesive peels well on our PTFE honing rods and wooden dowels.



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