Burnisher – Rod

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Sold singularly:

Kambaba Jasper (green )-  approx 25mm, tapering to 18mm x 125mm long

Yellow Jade  – approx 20mm, tapering to 13mm x 110mm long

Tiger Eye (brown )  – approx 20mm tapering to 13mm x 110mm


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These burnishers are usually used for spoons but can be used on any carving to compress and smooth the wood. We have selected stones that are very hard 6.5- 7 on the Mohs scale, this makes them naturally scratch-resistant so its finely polished surface will be maintained and transferred to your carvings.

We have selected also selected where possible stones that we found beautiful- the chatoyancy of Tiger eye was reminiscent of oiled carvings so seemed highly appropriate. The Green Swirls of Kambaba jasper were equally appealing.

These are available in 2 sizes, the more common 110mm and  The Kamaba jasper at 125mm that we had made up to our specifications.


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Kambaba jasper – 125mm, Tiger eye – 110mm, Yellow jade -110mm

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