Strop – Firm

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Chrome tanned leather on birch ply : 190x 55 x 25mm


This strop is the ‘softest’ in our range of hardened strops, and is roughly comparable to kangaroo hide, although it is fractionally harder than those we have tested. It is made from a chrome-tanned cow leather that has a slightly open grain. This means it holds polishing compounds very well. It has an excellent feel, or draw, and is the one we use with our white compound when hand-stropping all of our blades. Glued to birch plywood.

It is available in 2 forms- A hand-scraped version –  which has the grain opened up even further and is best suited for use with our polishing compounds. Secondly, a natural finish which can be used with no compound as an alternative to our X firm strop.


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Hand-scraped, Natural

2 responses to “Strop – Firm”

  1. Jack Womack says:

    Hello I was wondering if it was possible to be notified when your firm hand scraped strop was back in stock. Thank you!

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      I have just adjusted the listing of all our strops, I hadn’t realized they were showing as our of stock, generally when we restock items we will announce it on our IG feed

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