Support bar for ProEdge

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Support bar for jigs designed for wetstone grinders, such as our Sloyd Jig.

Bar has a 160mm useable length.

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An adjustable support bar that allows jigs that run on wetstone grinders to run on the ProEdge. If you don’t have experience with this jig ( we use them on our courses) then please either contact us for more information or wait until we have a video out before purchasing this item.

8 responses to “Support bar for ProEdge”

  1. Craig Banks says:

    Hi there,
    Could you please give me some more info on this jig. I haven’t used it before but have been sharpening tools for a long time and have had a Pro Edge for a while too.

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      Hi, this bar mimics the round bar that is found on Tormeks / clones. It will allow the use of many of these jigs on the ProEdge. Sorby make a version that is sold with their knife jig however their version isn’t adjustable unlike ours. By rotating it on the attachment point you can vary the distance of the bar from the platten.

  2. Bryce Smethurst says:

    Hi, could you tell me if the longer bar on the support is the same diameter as the Tormek universal support bar?

    Trying to work out if the Tormek tool rest attachment and the Tormek axe jig would slide into the bar?

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      Yes, they are both nominally 12mm so all jigs for the tormek should fit the bar, but not all will be suitable for the flat platten layout of the Sorby

  3. Louis says:

    I was wondering when your support bar would be available again?

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      I’ve just listed another, we have another batch in that should be processed soon.

  4. Ryan van Nood says:

    Hi there, do I need any other parts in order to use this part with the Pro Edge?

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      You understand this support bar allows you to use whetstone / Tormek style jigs ?

      Depending on what jig and tools you are planning to use with this you may find a raised platten will give you more clearance.

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