Blank- Turning Sloyds

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1/4″ diameter heat treated Bearing steel blank.  Blade size approx-  55x 14 x 2mm

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These are the blanks that we use for making the Turning sloyds sold on this site, Forged by Nic Westermann from 1/4″ bearing steel and heat treated to the same standard as all his other blades. These blanks are cropped roughly oversize so they can be ground to your prefered profile.

Designed to be used with our Wraparound table table and Small knife jig on the ProEdge. The video explaining how to grind these is not out yet, so please bear with us if you haven’t been on a course and had instruction on how to make this blades.

Note- These blanks are sold separately three are shown to give an idea of the variation due to forging. Finished blade is for reference only.

2 responses to “Blank- Turning Sloyds”

  1. vicki parker says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to purchase a turning sloyd knife, do you ship out to australia please?

    many thanks

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      Hi Vicki, yes we do ship to Australia, its an available destination in tbe shipping section. Be aware though this is a blank, we do sell finished turning sloyd blades though.

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