Hewn and Hone Sloyd Knife Course 8th Feb

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Adrian Lloyd and Nic Westermann will be running a sloyd knife making course at Nic’s workshop in Wales – this course will be a bit different from previous courses, this time you be concentrating solely on making one knife- we have lots of equipment available, including a newly kitted out grinding room with a bank of ProEdges with a variety of different fittings, many of which have not yet reached the market under our brand. All these machines are plumbed into a new dust extraction system for your comfort and safety.

There will be time for you to have a look and even try out a variety of blades and handles and make the knife that you want to. You are of course welcome to have a think about this before the course and come with a drawing, sketch or idea- as long as it comes under the sloyd banner- we will be as flexible as possible but no full tang bushcraft blades or Bowie knives please!

You will get to forge and profile your blades on a grinder, after heat treat there are a variety of bevels forms you can choose for your knife. You will put the final edge on using a selection of fine grit H&H papers, but that is best done after handling.

You will make your own handles- we will tend to use ash for its consistency and ease of finishing – shape is much more important than grain, and you can make a handle to fit your hand. However if you want to bring some wood along then please do, but it must be workable with hand tools, we wont be sanding these to shape- wood dust and steel dust are definitely not compatible in the new extraction system.

Lastly you will get to weave a sheaf for your new blade- this is definitely Adrian’s area of expertise, nearly all Nics knives live in temporary-turned-permanent duct tape and cardboard sheaves!

So grab a place, there are only a few left now- and if you do find that that we are sold out drop us a line- we may be able to put on another day.

Course bookings are taken care of by Adrian from his site