Coarse abrasive coated felt

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Felt Wheel  in two sizes:

68mm x 20 mm    for 100mm swan necks

48x 20mm  for  70mm,  50mm swan necks and cygnets.


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An Abrasive felt wheel for grinding the inside of gouges, see this here for more information. This coating will reshape a gouge that has been rounded badly but would not be needed for general ‘maintenance ‘ sharpenings, use with the felt rotating away from the edge not into it.  Available in two sizes to suit the Nic Westermann swan neck and cygnet gouges. A mandrel for these felts can be found here. Eye protection should be worn at all times when grinding with these felts.

These abrasive felts especially the larger size can be used on the inside of most adzes, if in doubt please ask us for advice.

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