Coarse Grey Compound

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Coarse stropping compound.

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Coarse Grey Compound, I know that coarse and sharpening  compounds don’t really go together but I use this in my workshop a great deal and a while back brought a small chunk over to Barn Carder when visiting his workshop; a few weeks later he asked for some more. He had reasonably assumed that all grey compounds were the same and had bought some from another supplier, but it didn’t work and ended up in the bin. Unfortunately there is no universal system for grading compounds and even then they do vary greatly between manufacturers . This is a super-aggressive compound and leaves a slightly frosted finish, I find it very useful on the wider bevels found on axes.  Use either on suede or directly onto wood. The compound will quickly turn black from the metal particles removed; at this point it is better to scrape it off and reapply a thin new layer rather than keep adding layers. Approx 80g