Sloyd Jig

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Sloyd jig for use on Wetstone grinders.

overall length 200mm, jaw size 2-3.2mm x 30mm


2 in stock



Our hugely popular sloyd Jig- designed by Hewn and Hone specifically for putting an accurate, repeatable hollow grind on smaller sloyd type blades using a wetstone grinder, the jig body is made from solid steel to maintain accurate alignment of the jaws, the disc is moved along the steel rod to provide adjustment for different bevel angles. Allen key and basic instructions provided but please see this video for comprehensive details.

This jig will fit most sloyd blades, and has been tested extensively on the Mora 106 and 120, it works by gripping on the flats of the blade behind the bevels-  6mm of flat measured at a distance of 30mm  from the handle of the knife ( 1/4″ at 1 1/4″)  is the narrowest that this jig will safely hold,  When you are familiar with the jig it should be possible to fit and grind a narrower blade. If you have any concerns as to whether your blade will fit please ask.




10 responses to “Sloyd Jig”

  1. James Macdonald says:

    Can you do a video of it in use?

  2. Erik says:

    Any idea of what I am doing wrong when the scratch patterns on one side of the blade is significantly different from the other side even though it’s a new mora 106 blade and the knife was mounted in the jig according to all instructions?

  3. Oren Hetzroni says:

    When should we expect this back in stock?

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      Unfortunately, the company that manufactures these for us is currently closed due to Covid, We hope to have some in July.

  4. John Riordan says:

    Can I be put on a list for the Sloyd Jig if there is one or be notified when the next batch are going to be made.
    Cheers John

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      We won’t be having a list, but if you follow our Instagram account we will be posting when we have them back in stock

  5. Alastair Hobbs says:

    I don’t use Insrtagram or any other “social” media account, is there a way you can let me know when the jigs are in stock?

    • Hewn & Hone Team says:

      Hi Alastair,
      This is a good point, I’ll make sure I put announcements in the blog as well, if you sign up for it you will be notified any new posts come in

      • Alastair Hobbs says:

        I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, but I can’t find a way to sign up for the blog. What have I missed?

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