Sloyd Knife

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Hollow ground sloyd knife: 88mmx 17mm x 3mm

Handles in three sizes:

large- larger than a standard mora 106 /120

Medium – Similar size to 106 /120

Small-  Smaller than 106 /120

Sheathes-  In either bark or leather

Sloyd blade
Our popular hollow ground sloyd blade
Our 12 sided Ash handle, available in 3 sizes
Leather and Bark options available
1 × Sheath - Leather

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A sloyd knife built from our hollow ground sloyd blade, a choice of three sizes of handles and two options for the sheath.

This knife will be made to order- it usually takes a couple of days to assemble but may take up to a week.

Legal note : This blade can only be sold to customers over the age of 18, appropriate measures are in place to ensure this.

*** If you are not able to order this knife it will invariably be because one of the components is not in stock, if you can’t see a stock level listed that component is out of stock. ***

2 responses to “Sloyd Knife”

  1. Karl says:

    What is the difference of this sloyd blade compared to the one you sell ?

  2. Hewn & Hone Team says:

    They are similar, but these ones are not forged so don’t have any distal taper towards the tip, the steel is also slightly different.
    The spines on these blades are also slightly hollowed and polished. The edge grinds are very similar, and the final hand sharpening is identical.

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