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Axe Grinding Jig

A jig for producing the flat grind used on carving axes. For use on the Sorby ProEdge Belt Linisher.

This is a Jig that I have used on my courses for the last 5 years, it has enabled all my students, many of whom have never used a grinder to produce a flat and true bevel. Very pleased to finally put this in production, as so many of my students have asked to buy one. Using this jig incorrectly could be dangerous so please watch this video before purchasing and if you have any further questions please contact us.

The belt sequence that I recommend  when using this jig is:

60 grit ceramic– The first belt sets the bevels quickly and accurately.

400 grit Trizact– This will remove the scratches from the 60 grit belt effectively.

1200 grit Trizact– To remove the scratches from the first Trizact belt and will produce an effective working edge once the burr is stropped off

3000 grit Trizact– An optional stage, these belts are not as long lived as the other trizact belts and are more likely to overheat the steel if used when slightly blunt, but they will give the best edge.

There are other grits available to purchase if required.




Sloyd Jig

Our hugely popular sloyd Jig- designed by Hewn and Hone specifically for putting an accurate, repeatable hollow grind on smaller sloyd type blades using a wetstone grinder, the jig body is made from solid steel to maintain accurate alignment of the jaws, the disc is moved along the steel rod to provide adjustment for different bevel angles. Allen key and basic instructions provided but please see this video for comprehensive details.

This jig will fit most sloyd blades, and has been tested extensively on the Mora 106 and 120, it works by gripping on the flats of the blade behind the bevels-  6mm of flat measured at a distance of 30mm  from the handle of the knife ( 1/4″ at 1 1/4″)  is the narrowest that this jig will safely hold,  When you are familiar with the jig it should be possible to fit and grind a narrower blade. If you have any concerns as to whether your blade will fit please ask.




Support bar for ProEdgea

An adjustable support bar that allows jigs that run on wetstone grinders to run on the ProEdge. If you don’t have experience with this jig ( we use them on our courses) then please either contact us for more information or wait until we have a video out before purchasing this item.