Raised platten

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Platten size :  165 x 50 mm

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A raised platten that pairs well with the jigs and wraparound table we sell. It pushes the belt forward and gives clearance from the side plate of the Sorby ProEdge. It also extends up further than a standard platten this will help reduce some clearance issues.

The mounting holes allow for some fine adjustment so if you are using our wraparound table and want to grind at an angle that is between the set adjustment the table offers you can do this by angling the platten.  Otherwise set the table to 0° and use a right angle to set the platten to 90° to get an accurate grind.

** these have been produced locally for us and the firm that did the work misread my drawing, we have had to do remedial work to mitigate this, so although all are checked before being sent out the quality of the mounting holes and slots in this batch is not good.  It is an aesthetic issue really but this batch is  discounted to reflect this **



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